Frequently Asked Questions

Sound insulation and sound absorbing products – what’s the difference?

Both sound insulation and soundproofing solutions work as ‘noise barriers’ to help reduce the levels of sound coming in our out of a room or workspace. Sound absorbers as their name suggests, absorb the sound within a room, for instance by helping to minimise echo. While they don’t stop sound leaving a room, sound absorbers will help reduce the amount of noise overall by minimising reverberation within the space. To soundproof a room you would typically need both sound insulation and soundproofing materials.

Is installing sound insulation difficult?

Our spray foam sound insulation solution needs to be applied by the experts. Metropolitan Insulation Services offers end-to-end sound insulation solutions including complete installation services.

Does sound insulation reduce the room size?

Our insulation materials typically take up no more than 2 inches of wall, floor or ceiling space and depend on your preferred final finish. If you opt for our spray foam solution – inserted into wall cavities – then you lose no space.

Can I soundproof my garden shed?

To soundproof a structure such as a garden shed that is not made from solid construction, you would need a minimum of 5 inches off each wall and ceiling, plus a double entry acoustic door. While technically possible, we would suggest building an extension and then soundproofing it instead.

My husband has taken up drumming. How can I reduce the noise?

Drum kits are capable of producing in excess of 100db of noise- the equivalent of being in a noisy factory! The ideal solution would be to create a floating room within a room, however the simple rule of thumb is the more Metropolitan Insulation Services soundproofing you install, the better the noise reduction.

We would suggest building an isolated wall that does not connect to the existing wall. We fill the voids using acoustic quilt or acoustic mineral wool (according to space restrictions) add resilient bars and finish with two layers of plasterboard fixed to the bars. Soundproofing mat can also be laid between the plasterboard to act as a decoupler. For more details, please contact Metropolitan Insulation Services’s technical team.

Do sound absorption products look unsightly in a room?

Not necessarily – we offer a wide range of sound absorption materials, offering everything from a subtle, barely noticeable result, to profiled products for a funky effect.

I don’t know where to start – how do I know which sound absorber is best for me?

If in any doubt, please contact Metropolitan Insulation Services – our helpful technical team will be delighted to advise on your choice of sound absorbing products. We have vast experience and can be relied upon for sound proofing expertise, straight from the horse’s mouth! Contact is for a free no obligation quotation.

Do I need to cover all wall, floor or ceiling areas?

There is no standard answer to this question! Sometimes simply covering the ceiling area with sound absorbing tiles or using our spray foam solution in wall cavities will suffice, but please speak to a member of our technical team and discuss your particular noise problem.

Do you offer discounts?

Metropolitan Insulation Services offers very competitively priced sound proofing solutions and services. We run seasonal promotions throughput the year – please contact us for more details and to obtain a no obligation quotation.

I’d like to obtain a quote – what do I need to do

Call us on Freephone 0800 028 4042 or email your enquiry and we’ll get right back to you. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote – with no hard sell or obligation.

What payment methods does Metropolitan Insulation Services accept?

We accept cheque, cash or bank transfer as payment.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us – our technical team will be happy to help,