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Here at Metropolitan we not only have the experience but we pride ourselves on innovation too. We supply and fit all systems,design and build and sound test. Our independent acousticians are fully accredited to the best organisations in the industry.

The new MetroSoundGuard system is something unique to ourselves and it has been hugely successful in the last 12 months. It combines traditional with technological methods and is exceptional in its results. The system can be used on walls and ceilings and can be unobtrusive depending on space limitation. What it does is tackle noise pollution at both airborne and impact source. In the case of ceilings we can ensure you don t lose any height, or 7 cm maximum.

The MetroSoundGuard system combines low density open cell acoustic sound absorption foam with independent isolated framework and leaves an unnoticed plastered finish. The system can be injected into hollow ceilings or walls. If not we can strip back and use existing space. The results are superb,80% and above on airborne and 60% and above on impact. We have references throughout the country and a superb network of skilled technicians. If you want the best,this has been tried and tested on domestic and commercial projects. It s not the cheapest of course but quality has a cost. Call us to discuss your requirements and our Technical Team are on hand to help.

What is noise?

Sound is such a common part of everyday life that we often overlook what it can do. It provides enjoyment, for example through listening to music or bird-song. It allows spoken communication. It can alert or warn us, say through a door-bell, or wailing siren. In engineering it can tell us when something has slightly changed, like in a squeaking car.

Yet in a modern society sound often annoys us. Many sounds are unpleasant or unwanted, and this is classed as noise.

The Solution

The Capital system is the ONLY sound absorbing spray foam in the World. It represents a truly effective solution to noise escaping and getting in.

  • Transport Noise
  • Social Noise
  • Industrial Noise
  • Noise in the Sea

Superior insulation

You can upgrade the thermal performance of a property to meet Building Regulations without the need for expensive, disruptive external cladding. This gives energy savings and reduced C02 emissions. And because polyurethane expanding foams mould themselves into the fabric of a building, they seal out draughts and reduce air leakage

Product Properties

  • Absorbs 50% of the sound energy transmitted through air
  • Excellent fire retardant properties
  • All domestic property where noise pollution is a problem PREVENTS NOISE ESCAPE
  • Music noise from clubs and pubs
  • Air conditioning plant
  • Generating equipment
  • Ease of application with spray, injection or molding
  • Apply to walls, roofs, ceilings, floors and machinery PREVENTS NOISE INVASION
  • Machinery noise from industrial buildings
  • Animal noise from agricultural buildings
  • Chiller equipment

UK Legislation

U.K. noise legislation is mainly contained in the Control of Pollution Act 1974 (Part III) and the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Part II).

These acts give district councils (through their Environmental Health Officers) responsibility to determine whether noise nuisance exists and powers to protect citizens from noise by a variety of means, including the designation of Noise Abatement Zones and the serving of Noise Abatement orders.

Local Authorities

Planning and Highway Authorities are required to have regard to potential noise when considering planning applications or planning new development - for example, new roads.

Before granting planning permission, they may require applicants to enter into agreements controlling hours of working or methods of operation in order to prevent noise nuisance.

Mineral workings and waste disposal sites are particularly relevant in this respect.


Private individuals and companies will increasingly seek ways of controlling noise pollution.

Case Study

A skate boarding track located in a highly populated residential area.


To reduce airborne and impact noise pollution which is generated by skateboarders on new, purpose-built skateboards ramps. A detailed survey and monitoring of the activity recorded a peak reading of 96dB upon impact by the skaters.


Capitals new sound absorbing spray foam was applied to a depth of 50mm on the steel ramps and all other visible surfaces.


After applying Capital's new sound absorbing spray foam a peak reading measured a SPL of 86dB with over six times the amount of activity by the skaters. This coincides with the reverberation test results carried out by Salford University.

The measurement of 10dB difference represents a reduction of half the sound energy.

An independent acoustic audit is being carried out and the feedback is that these results are on the conservative side.

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  • Faster and more efficient than cutting foam-boards to fit
  • Twice the insulation value of glass fibre
  • Expands to seal all gaps. Provides its own vapour control layer.
  • Provides strength and sound-insulation and cuts out unwanted air leakage
  • Complete design and installation service available throughout the UK