Snoring can be a Noisy Problem - but there are Practical ways to tackle it

We deal in sound and noise, its prevention and control - but one noise that’s a real tough one to deal with is snoring

At, we deal in sound and noise, its prevention and control - but one noise that’s a real tough one to deal with is snoring! At best it’s an irritant - at worst, it’s a nightmare sound that can drive people to distraction. So here’s some useful information about snoring - why it happens and what can be done to prevent it.

Common causes of snoring include increasing age; nasal and sinus problems; being overweight; sleeping on your back; being affected by alcohol, smoking or medications - plus snoring can simply be the result of the way you’re built. The best thing to do is try and tackle the problem practically (rather than blaming the snorer!), which might be as simple as sleeping in another room - OK, that’s not ideal, but you will get a decent night’s sleep! Alternatively, if the snorer is overweight, controlled weight loss can do the trick - as can exercise, which actually tones throat muscles, thus decreasing the chance of snoring. A stuffy nose can also cause snoring, so sensible use of nasal decongestants or nasal strips can help the snorer breathe more easily while sleeping.

If the snorer smokes, get them to stop, because smoking blocks airways by irritating membranes in the nose and throat.

You could also try keeping the bedroom air moist with a humidifier, since dry air can also irritate nasal and throat membranes. Repositioning the head by elevating it about four inches may ease breathing, so sleeping pillow-free or with a specially designed pillow could help. If the snorer sleeps on their back, try ‘the tennis ball trick’: they should sleep with a tennis ball attached to the back of their pyjama top (or in a sown-on pocket).

The tennis ball is uncomfortable, so if they lie on their back, they’ll respond to the ball by turning on their side. Soon, they should develop side-sleeping as a habit and not need the tennis ball at all.

So if you (or your partner) are a snorer, take practical steps to address the problem - and very soon, sound and peaceful sleep could be restored in your household!