The Sound of Silence

Our job is to insulate homes, office and rooms against extraneous or excessive sound.

At, our job is to insulate homes, office and rooms against extraneous or excessive sound. But what do you do if you want to escape from the sounds that immediately surround you when you’re at home, at the office - or maybe travelling from place to place?

An excellent answer to the challenges of reducing immediate and surrounding noise levels is to wear a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

These crafty and ever more popular devices reduce unwanted ambient acoustic sounds through a process known as ANC (which stands for Active Noise Control). It works by placing one or more microphones near the ear within the body of the headphones, where some cunning and clever electronic gadgetry uses the microphone signal to generate ‘anti-noise’ - which has the effect of canceling out external sounds outside the headphones.

So if you fancy some peace and quiet at home, clamp on a pair of anti-noise headphones, switch them on (they need batteries) and listen to the peace as outside sounds die away and you’re left with soft and silky silence.

Of course, noise-cancelling headphones are great for playing music too, especially since the noise-cancelling properties mean that you don’t have to crank the music up to ear-damaging levels - even in the busiest environment.

Whilst noise-cancelling headphones don’t cancel out every noise (such as sharp bangs and crashes), they are brilliant at removing constant hums and hisses - so wear them on an aeroplane and you’ll hear none of that loud background hiss and roar that accompanies every plane journey.

What’s more, a quality pair of noise-reducing headphones will include a two-pin adaptor so that you can listen to the on-board music or film soundtracks.

So for soundproofing and sound insulation of properties, use the services of - but for soundproofing your ears, use noise-canceling headphones!