Metropolitan Insulation: Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors

The range of Metropolitan Insulation Services high performance bespoke timber and steel acoustic doors offer sound reductions of up to 55dB.

We supply and fit and the very latest foldable, moveable acoustic walls and partition systems.

These solutions from Metropolitan Insulation Services provide the perfect solution to both domestic and commercial noise problems. With a range of finishes and regulatory approved, fire resistant ratings, these soundproof doors are perfect for those situations that require ‘above average’ levels of sound reduction. The Metropolitan Insulation Services acoustic doors range includes:

  • Metropolitan Insulation's Standard acoustic Silent Timber Door – a timber acoustic door with up to 35dB sound reduction
  • Metropolitan Insulation's Premium acoustic Timber Door – a timber acoustic door with up to 44dB sound reduction
  • Metropolitan Insulation's Acoustic Steel Doors – acoustic doors with up to 35dB to 55dB sound reduction
  • Metropolitan Insulation's Acoustic Folding, Moveable Walls, Doors and Partitions –range of soundproof folding, moveable doors, walls and partitions. Available in sound ratings to cover most soundproofing requirements.

Soundproof Doors and Operable Systems

Metropolitan Insulation's Acoustic Silent Timber Door / Standard – a high performance range of acoustic timber door sets offering 35dB sound reduction. Metropolitan Insulation's Acoustic Silent Timber Door / Premier - a high performance range of acoustic timber door sets offering 44dB sound reduction combined with a fire rating of FD 30.

These doors provide the perfect solution for apartments, hotels, boardrooms, conference rooms, offices, theatres, cinemas, TV and sound studios.

Metropolitan Insulation's Acoustic Steel Door – an extremely strong, robust well designed range of steel acoustic doors, providing sound reduction ratings from 34dB to 55dB. With a minimum fire rating of FD 60, these soundproof doors are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, recording studios, nightclubs, cinemas, leisure facilities and discos. The acoustic doors are fully tested and authenticated in accordance with BS EN ISO 140: Part 3: 1995. Available in standard and customised sizes.

Metropolitan Insulation's Acoustic Operable Walls and Partitions – folding moveable acoustic walls, doors and partitions offer the ultimate in flexibility, helping create useful areas within available workspace and maximising both comfort and productivity.

These doors are Ideal for office partitioning and walls, as fold away room dividers or as foldable moveable walls to adapt to changing space usage requirements.

These acoustic operable systems are available with sound ratings from Rw 37dB to 53dB, a range which covers most requirements.

Integral pass doors can be included in any wall system to meet current Disabled Regulations.

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