Soundproofing Installations

Metropolitan - Soundproofing Installation Specialists

At Metropolitan we’re experts when it comes to soundproofing installation London - providing the ‘soundest’ acoustic solutions for homes and businesses in the capital and throughout the UK. So if you’ve been searching for solutions to noise problems, speak to Metropolitan.

As well as providing dependable acoustic materials and noise reduction products, at Metropolitan we’re also able to provide a full soundproofing installation London service. It isn’t easy installing soundproofing, so if you’re not absolutely sure about how to go about things, let Metropolitan put your mind at ease. If you’ve problems with noise control and noise pollution, we can help. With extensive experience in soundproofing installation UK and overseas you can depend on us for a first class acoustic solution.

Why not give us a call on 0800 028 4042 to find out more.

What happens during soundproofing installation?

Providing a comprehensive soundproofing installation service, here at Metropolitan we take a number of steps to ensure the highest standard of soundproofing installation.

  • We’ll come and take a look at your property and find out exactly what you need in terms of soundproofing.
  • Having monitored noise and the space we have to work with, we’ll then come up with a soundproofing solution which fits your budget and your property.
  • Then we’ll get a quote together for you for all soundproofing works.
  • Next, it’s down to the work itself. We’ll agree a time that’s best to complete your soundproofing installation.
  • Privacy is all important - our vehicles are never branded, so your work is kept confidential.
  • At Metropolitan all of our soundproofing installation specialists are highly trained professionals.
  • We’ll aim to disrupt your business and homelife as little as possible!

What kind of soundproofing solutions do you have for ceilings, floors and walls?

Soundproofing installation for ceilings

So much noise can be transferred through ceilings. At Metropolitan we know how best to prevent noise transference between ceilings.

Soundproofing Solution 1.

By installing a slim acoustic ceiling panel directly on top of the existing ceiling we can significantly reduce the level of noise transferred. Because the soundproofing ceiling installation panels are so slim, the good thing is, you don’t have to worry about loss of height - it will be minimal. To enhance the acoustic performance you could combine soundproofing ceiling panels with soundbreaker bars for a comprehensive noise reduction solution.

Soundproofing Solution 2.

If you have a high level of noise to contend with, you might want to consider removing the current ceiling and installing a soundproofing system. The aim of this ceiling soundproofing installation is to minimise both airborne and impact noise by using a combination of acoustic materials. Talk to one of our soundproofing installation team to find out more on 0800 028 4042.

Floor soundproofing installations

Laminate and heels are never a good combination... Noise transference between floors can be a big problem, for both the people who live in that dwelling, and neighbours! Fortunately Metropolitan Soundproofing Installation experts are on hand to help.

Soundproofing Solution 1.

One of the simplest ways of soundproofing your floor is by installing an acoustic underlay. These can be used in both domestic and commercial settings. Completely versatile acoustic underlay can be applied over any surface, and under every kind of finish: wood, tiles, carpet... Find out more about our range of floor soundproofing solutions by talking to our team on 0800 028 4042.

Soundproofing Solution 2.

For developments, or where noise transference could be a potentially big problem, floating soundproof floors are commonly used in order to adhere to Part E building regs. How this works is to effectively isolate the floor within the room so that it’s then unlikely to transfer noise elsewhere! Perfect if you’re thinking of creating a home recording studio or music room. Talk to our soundproofing installation specialists to find out more, on 0800 028 4042.

Wall soundproofing installations

Adjoining walls can often be one of the biggest sources of noise transmission from neighbouring properties.

Soundproofing Installation Solution 1.

Metropolitan are soundpoofing installation specialists. As such we’ve a whole gamut of soundproofing products to help with any domestic or commercial noise problems. We could install slim soundproofing panels onto partition walls - this will help reduce the noise transference of say the TV or noisy neighbour conversations. We could also look at increasing the sound insulation within a dividing stud wall to control noise problems. Soundproofing panels are a common choice not only because they’re relatively easy to install, they also take up little space too. Find out more by talking to the Metropolitan Soundproofing Installation team on 0800 028 4042.

Soundproofing Installation Solution 2.

If you’ve a significant problem with noisy neighbours, or want to soundproof your room for a specific purpose (such as a home recording studion or cinema room) then an acoustic wall system may be your best option. In effect this works as a wall within a wall - false walls... By creating another room within a room utilising various acoustic products we can dramatically reduce noise transference. Talk to one of our soundproofing installation experts to discuss the best option for you, on 0800 028 4042.

Can anyone install soundproofing?

If you feel competent and are perhaps a tradesperson yourself, you can by all means install Metropolitan soundproofing installation products yourself. And we’ll help you by providing you with a guide on how to use our noise reduction products. If you don’t feel so sure about installing soundproofing yourself, talk to our team and we can provide a quote for soundproofing installation. Or you can always use a trusted tradesperson yourself. Give us a call on 0800 028 4042 to find out more.