Ceiling Sound Reduction

Although new build and modern properties will be insulated against normal levels of noise nuisance from neighbours

Although new build and modern properties will be insulated against normal levels of noise nuisance from neighbours, loud noise from above will always be disturbing, especially at night time when typical daytime background ‘buffer’ noises have stopped.

On top of any airborne noise, nuisance sound from above is usually caused by heavy footsteps and/or furniture being moved or dragged on wooden or laminate floors.

Both kinds of noise from above may be significantly reduced through the installation of a new ceiling beneath the existing one, height permitting.

For optimum ceiling sound reduction, Metropolitan Insulation Services recommends the creation of a separate ceiling installed on new joists beneath and not connected to, the existing ceiling - supported by wall mounted joist hangers.

What’s more, there are no noxious or odious fumes or vapours in the cured form. Spray-applied foam is especially recommended for those suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems who require effective ceiling sound reduction within their homes or workplaces.

We would infill the joists with our polyurethane spray foam and clad acoustic plasterboard for the best possible results.

In domestic homes, sprayed polyurethane from Metropolitan Insulation Services has many distinct advantages. It expands to create a superior insulation and acoustic barrier. It adheres to everything, effortlessly sealing gaps and preventing surface interstitial condensation.

Highly efficient in terms of performance at low thickness levels, Metropolitan Insulation Services’s spray foam has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is easy to apply, fibre-free and resistant to moisture.

Our two-component liquid system produces a highly efficient blanket of insulation with a thermal conductivity of O.Q2W/mK.

Its closed-cell nature renders it very resistant to moisture ingress and grades are available which achieve both Class 1 and Class 0 fire ratings when tested to BS476 Part 7 and Part 6 respectively.

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We can also provide a wide range of noise absorbing pads, covers and cages for ceiling sound proofing projects of all natures – find out more.