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As experts in noise reduction and sound testing, here at Metropolitan we’ve the professional expertise you need to ensure your residence adheres to current sound regulations. Our residential sound tests perfectly measure the acoustic performance, from within your residence, along with any airborne noise too.

Our sound reduction specialists are able to quantify the noise between attached residences, in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the acoustic performance of your building. Giving you the vital information you need to conform with Part E building reg/sound testing requirements, and gauge what action you need to take, if any.

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As we’ve mentioned previously Part E within current government building regs, stipulate that "new housing and residential environments should be well designed and should make a significant contribution to promoting urban renaissance and improving the quality of life".

Therefore the sound testing, and acoustic performance of any residence you own, is your responsibility. Regardless of whether it’s a new build or renovation property, the same Part E sound conformity applies.

Here are the current acoustic limits:

Not sure whether you need a sound insulation test?

In order to comply with Part E acoustic building regs, there are a number of situations where sound insulation testing are a prerequisite.

  • To determine the existing sound insulation of a wall or floor before any works have begun: wood floor test or wood floor treatments.
  • To determine the existing sound insulation of a residential property to ensure it conforms with the acoustic performance regulations set out in The Building Regulations Approved Document E/Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • To discover the acoustic performance of sound insulation within walls and floors surrounding commercial or industrial buildings (such as nightclubs for instance.)
  • To determine the existing sound insulation of an office against acoustic performance requirements set out by BREEAM, or BS8233 bulding construction requirements.
  • To discover existing sound insulation of an education building against requirements set out in the Building Bulletin 93 (extension of The Building Regulations Approved Document E.)

Metropolitan - fully certified sound solution consultants

As fully certified sound and noise reduction specialists, at Metropolitan you have our absolute quality assurance. As professional sound solution consultants we are fully certified and qualified to carry out all types of sound tests. Our accredited sound insulation test reports are backed by the UKAS lab, and are of the highest standard, and can be submitted confidently to your building control officer.

Sound testing for Part E compliance. Do you know what you need to do?

At the moment there are two sound testing methods in place, to ensure you comply with the approved building reg Part E (the standard regulation for buildings in England & Wales.)

Residential sound testing: pre-completion sound testing.

Before your building is complete, an in-depth test has to be carried out by professional, qualified sound testing specialist. This is so the performance of the building can be determined. Once this has been completed and approved the building can be effectively ‘signed-off.’ These sound test results will need to be approved by your building control office, or local building control office.

Residential sound testing: robust details

This particular method applies only to new builds. A ‘Robust Detail’ is a separating wall or floor which has to be reviewed and approved by RDL. In order to comply it has to exceed the sound performance regulations set out in Part E of the approved building regs for England & Wales.

Any sound insulation work has to be completed following the processes and products defined in the Robust Details manual. Because the designs stipulated in the Robust Detail design document are tested to a higher level than those set out in Part E of current building regulations no further pre-completion sound testing is needed. However to qualify for the scheme you’ll need to register your building before any construction begins. Find out more about Robust Details

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