Room Sound Reduction

Room Sound Reduction from Metropolitan Insulation

Room sound reduction can prove an effective solution to nuisance noise.

While it may be impractical to completely soundproof a room within your home, the good news is that there are sound proofing steps that can have a very positive impact on reducing the impact of noise pollution and noisy neighbours.

The following elements within a room may be addressed to resolve room sound reduction solutions:


If you wish to retain light, windows should be e-triple glazed with different thicknesses of glass at staggered intervals and be completely sealed at installation. In instances where light is not required, the window should be bricked up.

A more temporary solution in this case may be to infill with Metropolitan Insulation Services’s Spray Foam solution between two layers of acoustic plasterboard, of high density and fitted into the reveal.

Please contact Metropolitan Insulation Services for all aspects of window soundproofing now.


Walls are an obvious area for soundproofing and our spray foam application is ideal for both party walls and any other walls. Please note that new build and modern properties with cavity walls and using more lightweight building materials may allow flanking noise around party walls... Find out more

Reverberation (Echo)

If your noise problems are associated with reverberation and echo, we recommend our polyurethane foam - a very effective sound absorber used to line the upper walls and ceiling. This will reduce the reverberation and also the amount of noise breaking out of the room.


If there is sufficient ceiling height, the best method of soundproofing is to incorporate a new suspended ceiling beneath the existing and supported on new joists suspended from wall-mounted hangers and not touching the original ceiling... Find out more

Metropolitan Insulation Services’s spray applied polyurethane foam expands to create a superior insulation and acoustic barrier. It adheres to everything, effortlessly sealing gaps and preventing surface interstitial condensation.


If the room to be insulated is on the first floor, the ceiling below should ideally be soundproofed with spray foam solution. A floating floor using a fill of our polyurethane foam may be easily installed... Find out more


Many standard domestic doors are too lightweight and poorly fitted to offer an effective sound barrier. Heavier fire doors may be the solution, fitted so as to be airtight when closed. Alternatively, our polyurethane foam provides an acoustic threshold.

A double door entry system helps minimise nuisance noise entering – comprising two heavy fire doors fitted so one opens outwards and the other opens inwards. Fitting should be such that both are acoustically sealed when closed.

What to expect

Soundproof a room with Metropolitan Insulation Services, and you can expect to significantly reduce noise nuisance to other rooms. However it must be appreciated that very loud noise will still be audible - particularly sounds of low frequency.

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