Floor Sound Reduction

Floor sound reduction may be vital if problem noise is heard through floors of flats, multi-dwelling buildings and houses

Noise between floors can be worse at night – there’s nothing worse than being prevented from sleep because of noise from above or below.

This kind of noise pollution may be barely noticeable during the day, however it’s safe to say that no one should have to be party to everyday noises such as normal speech, normal television and radio volumes. The latest Part E Regulations for noise control through separating floors in new build flats and houses have been introduced to address this.

For anyone seeking floor sound reduction, Metropolitan Insulation Services’s sound insulating materials offer a tried and tested solution.

Before we take any remedial steps, we need to verify what kind of noise pollution is occurring. Airborne noise is the kind of noise emitted by speech or music.

Impact noise, on the other hand is created by footfall, doors closing and other actions with impact. These are structurally borne sounds that may travel up via walls or down via floors as opposed to airborne sound that goes through a dividing structure.

Floating Floors

To address floor sound reduction, it may be necessary to install a floating floor (as required for all newly built and converted flats today).

Metropolitan Insulation Services would examine your existing floor construction to determine the cause of the nuisance, where appropriate, installing spray foam to maximise the sound insulation of the floor.

This offers an immediate and effective improvement in both airborne and impact sound.

Laminate and Hardwood Floors

As you would expect, laminate and wooden floors are noisier than carpeted floors. If a hard wood or laminate floor is required, then we recommend creating a floating floor as described above and using our spray foam soundproofing application.

Sound Insulating Concrete Suspended Floors

Airborne noise problems are less common in concrete floors, due to their mass so noise issues associated with concrete floors are more often than not due to flanking noise.

The effective way to resolve this problem is to soundproof the affected adjoining supportive walls with our spray foam solution – this provides resilient insulation.

Please contact Metropolitan Insulation Services to discuss your floor sound reduction requirements now.