Studio Soundproofing

Looking to transform your room into a recording studio?

Speak to Metropolitan acoustic insulation experts first. At Metropolitan we’re noise reduction specialists. So if you’ve always dreamt of having your very own home recording studio but are worried about annoying the neighbours, don’t, we can help. Our specialist studio soundproofing solutions will enable you to transform your spare room, shed, or garage into a top class sound studio or cinema room.

From expert acoustic insulation advice and guidance on the best noise reduction materials to use, to design, we’ll enable you to achieve excellent sound levels without impacting your neighbours. There’s nothing worse than noisy neighbours, and you don’t want to find yourself on the receiving end of council letters! Metropolitan noise reduction specialists will make sure your new soundproofed recording studio adheres to the latest soundproofing legislations. How do you soundproof a recording studio?

In a regular home, most rooms won’t feature the level of sound insulation needed to prevent the kind of sound volume you’d get from playing amplified live music. (Unless you’re very lucky!) By soundproofing your studio you’ll be able to play away to your heart’s desire without worrying about what the neighbours think or will say.

There are a number of ways Metropolitan acoustic insulation experts can soundproof your studio. However the most effective way is to create what we call a room within a room. To all intents and purposes we build another room within the confines of the living space, building on top of the current ceiling, walls and floors. By soundproofing your studio in this way we will be able to achieve high levels of noise reduction.

Recording studio noise reduction

When we talk about sound absorbing and soundproofing, often people can be confused. There is a distinct difference. Soundproofing stops the sound transferring or passing from one room to the next. In order to prevent sound passing, you’d have to use a material that absorbs the energy of the sound waves. It all sounds very technical. But fear not, Metropolitan soundproofing specialists can advise you on the best soundproofing materials to use. Sound absorption relates to how we can alter the acoustics of a room. If we’re looking to absorb sound we’re trying to change how the sound vibrates off things. So we need to look at what kind of materials we can apply to existing structures to help do exactly this. With recording studios, crisp sound is key, so we need to be careful in how we go about ensuring strong sound absorption.

The best soundproofing materials for recording studios

Depending on where you choose to create your recording studio you’ll need to source specific acoustic insulation materials. Is it a room in your home, a shed or garage perhaps? It might just be that you’ll need to soundproof the wall that adjoins your neighbours for instance.

I want to soundproof the ceiling

To prevent noise transference, and to ensure the highest standards of soundproofing it’s best to use a standalone ceiling construction for recording studios. Using a combination of acoustic insulation and soundproofing panels you will be able to limit noise going through the ceiling.

I want to soundproof my walls

Metropolitan acoustic insulation experts would suggest investing in a high density acoustic insulation which should be installed between stud walls to essentially separate the wall from an existing construction.

I want to soundproof the floor

Again there are a number of options for soundproofing recording studio floors. The most common and effective, which we use at Metropolitan acoustic insulation specialists, is to create a floating floor over the existing floor. By applying an acoustic underlay you can prevent airborne noise travelling between spaces.

Soundproofing materials for studio soundproofing

There are many products available for soundproofing studios and home cinema rooms. And with so many to choose from it can be difficult to decide on the best options. Here is a small sample of just some of the leading soundproofing products Metropolitan acoustic insulation experts has supplied in order to create exceptional soundproofed recording studios.

Acoustic Insulation for Soundproofing Home Recording Studios

By inserting this specialist acoustic board between floor and joists, as well as inside stud walling, you can help absorb and thereby reduce the level of sound created in your studio. Metropolitan would recommend choosing greater thicknesses of board to help improve sound absorption.

Floor Soundproofing or Soundproofing Home Recording Studios

Reduce the transferrance of noise through floors by installing floor soundproofing. This specialist soundproofing material will help minimise vibration and can be applied underneath laminate, floorboards and carpet.

Wall Soundproofing Board for Soundproofing Home Recording Studios

By applying soundproofing panels to your walls you can achieve maximum levels of soundproofing for your recording studio. To create a robust soundproofing system, complement with sound breaker bars and attach them to stud walls too.

Sound Breaker Bars for Soundproofing Home Recording Studios

One of the most important aspects of soundproofing a recording studio is to isolate structures. By installing sound breaker bars for the application of plasterboard and your soundproofing boards you will be able to minimise sound vibration.

Egg Box Foam for Soundproofing Home Recording Studios

In order to improve the quality of sound, and help reduce reverberation, you might choose to use egg box acoustic foam.

Why not find out more about Metropolitan acoustic insulation experts entire range of soundproofing solutions for recording studios, by talking to one of our team on 0800 028 4042.