Wall Sound Reduction

If you can hear unwelcome and above normal noise through party walls in your flat, house or workplace, wall sound reduction from Metropolitan Insulation Services offers the solution.

Noise is always more problematic when there is no background noise present to disguise it, so people often find noise penetrating walls more of an inconvenience and disturbance at night.

Nevertheless, you should not be exposed to everyday noise such as speech, television or radio at normal volumes - current regulations for noise control through party walls have been developed and rolled out to address this kind of noise pollution.

If wall sound reduction is a concern for you, Metropolitan Insulation Services’s sound insulating materials that will reduce noise disturbance.

Before we start any noise reduction project we would survey your property to establish what kind of noise is being experienced - airborne or impact?

As you may have read elsewhere on our site, airborne noise is that emitted by speech or music. Impact noise however is caused by impact – heavy footfall, doors banging shut etc.

Impact noise tends to have structural implications. Sound is transmitted along walls or floors whilst airborne sound penetrates these dividing structures.

This makes impact noise harder to deal with, as a lot of this kind of noise is transmitted via the fabric of the building. For instance, simply by soundproofing a party wall to lessen the noise of doors slamming shut next door may not provide adequate sound reduction.

Metropolitan Insulation Services provides tailored wall sound reduction solutions to suit your specific noise problems. Party walls are insulated using our polyurethane spray foam application - designed to offer effective levels of sound reduction through any wall without increasing wall thickness.

Single skin walls such as brick, lightweight blocks or stud partitions allow unacceptable levels of noise through very easily easily.

By creating a cavity and applying our spray foam sound insulation foam, our technicians can protect you from all normal levels of speech, television and radio noise emitted and to a degree, loud noise or low frequency noise that is harder to insulate against.

Please contact Metropolitan Insulation Services to discuss your wall sound reduction requirements now and obtain a free, no obligation quotation.