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Is the 'noisy' neighbour next door forcing you to sell up? Relax, we'll help unruffle your feathers! Please give us a call us now 0800 028 4042

Our solutions for sound where impact and airborne noise are problematic are geared to give you maximum effect, without losing too much space.

We have in house carpentry, electrical and plumbing disciplines available. Our solutions don't involve losing height or width off your living space.

We use the existing space behind your existing walls, floors and ceilings to install our solutions. Hardcore in fills, resilient bars, isolation to reduce flanking can be achieved with minimum loss of space. Where limitations of room space are an issue, we can give you options and we can give you honest appraisals in what you can expect, in terms of results and disturbance.

It is possible to achieve substantial reduction in sound pollution without losing valuable space. We aim to give you the complete supply and fit service. No hassle, no sub contract. Complete design and build, supply and install. Service, reliability and a clean finish. Do not take our word for it, speak to referees near you, available at point of survey.

For FREE expert advice on all Solutions for Sound problems with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION contact Metropolitan Insulation Now on 0800 028 4042 or email us here

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FREE expert advice on all soundproofing problems with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION. Contact Metropolitan Insulation Now on 0800 028 4042 or email us here


  • Free initial telephone consultation.
  • 30 years industry experience.
  • Experts in SOUNDPROOFING.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Do you suffer from Noisy Neighbours?
  • Can you hear your Neighbours movements?
  • Can you hear footsteps in the flat above?
  • Can you hear the TV next door?
  • Do you suffer with noise and reverberation from The London Underground?
  • Are you on an airport flightpath?
  • Does your HMO suffer from noise transfer?
  • Does your holiday let need sound insulation?
  • Are your office meeting rooms NOT confidential enough?
  • Do you carry out a noisy trade?
  • Do you work in the music industry and need to contain your own noise?


  • Reduce noise.
  • Noise reduction a specialism: Party walls, Floors & Ceilings.
  • Reduce outside noise.

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