Benefits of Waterproof Spray Foam Insulation

Commercial or industrial insulation problems can be resolved swiftly, effectively and affordably, thanks to polyurethane spray foam insulation – the ideal solution for almost any type of property.

When applied internally within a commercial or industrial building, foam insulation delivers unrivalled thermal insulation properties, greater acoustic insulation, an enhanced environment in which to work, not least reduced fuel bills. Applied externally to the outer of the roof (in conjunction with specialist coatings) spray foam again provides excellent thermal and acoustic values, plus effective waterproofing and sealing for leaking roof problems.

Besides enhancing insulation, spray foam roof insulation is also utilised in commercial and industrial buildings to address problems with condensation. On metal roofs for instance, we find that an application of just 25mm depth of spray foam insulation resolves condensation issues.

Condensation can be eliminated without resorting to costly, time consuming and highly disruptive roof replacement or refurbishment. Spray foam insulation can be applied swiftly, with minimum inconvenience to employees and without damage to stock or machinery.

External application not only deals with condensation, but seals, waterproofs and insulates the roof, making the building more resilient to all weather conditions and enhancing its lifespan.

Commercial or industrial applications wherein spray foam insulation may be utilised range from factories and manufacturing facilities, storerooms and warehouses, to showrooms, exhibition spaces, retail outlets, containers and stadiums.

With optimum insulation values per depth, spray foam insulation is a clear market leader, enabling older commercial and industrial properties to be modernised to meet rigorous current standards more easily than with alternative insulation methods.

Spray foam also offers greater air tightness within a structure, owing to the nature of its application, improving energy efficiency by enabling more efficient cooling or heating. It also helps retain heat in the winter and stay cooler in the warmer months.

Polyurethane spray foam meets BS4676 Part 7 Class 1 standards regarding surface spread of flame. This meets the requirements of most buildings, however a Class 0 system is available upon request. Small to medium sized commercial and industrial clients seeking to improve their insulation and lower their carbon footprint may be eligible for an interest-free Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Loan.

As a registered Carbon Trust supplier, Metropolitan Insulation Services can assist in your application. Please contact us to find out more.

Metropolitan Insulation: Benefits of Waterproof Spray Foam Insulation